Salesforce Center of Excellence

Achieve faster operations, superior streamlined processes and greater results through the establishment of Salesforce Centre of Excellence


With the ever-changing digital spectrum, handling customer relations is a tough nut to crack. The advent of CRM software has reduced the hassle to a significant extent. CRM softwares are mostly automated and are capable of managing the entire database of orders, deliverables and everything in between for all of your customers with great ease and Salesforce have been a benchmark for the same.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce has a primary interface that companies can use to prioritise events, schedule and manage customer relationship using task management and case management. The Salesforce Customer portal is for your end users. It helps your company’s customers to engage, interact and even follow up on their orders.

A social media add-on plugin enables them to communicate, and connect with others in their organisation along with regular email updates. Salesforce Lighting is an upgrade on the existing salesforce platform which provides ease of accessibility and increased speed due to its mobile compatibility, multiple tools and resources.

Response Informatics as a Salesforce Centre of Excellence

With more and more businesses are getting the hang of salesforce and its wonders as a CRM, the lead to cash ratio is stabilizing as well.

But one of the major drawbacks for this is that not every company is realizing the true potential of Salesforce. The need for organizations to realize that Salesforce is more than a mere sales management is of the greater essence. Businesses are not exactly leveraging the potential of Salesforce integration into their marketing automation practices and thus shooting up on the growth chart.

A centre of excellence is your best bet for this unprecedented yet charted growth. With Response Informatics as your salesforce centre of excellence. A centre of excellence is more than a conglomerate of professionals. It is the silent force that shapes your company’s punch towards growth. It creates a vision that the entire business can rally around to achieve higher targets.

Our practice of bringing in all of the major and instrumental stakeholders in the marketing-sales management under a nurturing umbrella, instilling the best practices and make sure that your company achieves the greater heights.

Components of a Salesforce Centre of Excellence:

For an optimal working salesforce centre of excellence, it would involve the functions of the following stakeholders of the salesforce process:

Sales Team: Who is responsible for every sale that happens for your good/service through the Salesforce CRM. This team/individuals would be having a comprehensive and ground-level understanding of the customer base.

Salesforce Administrator(s): A salesforce admin(s) should be a data-savvy professional(s). He/She would be having a god’s eye on everything

IT and Security Personnel: These would be the IT crew who would be looking at the technological process that goes within the Salesforce CRM

Support: Who can maintain the sails of understanding the concerns of your consumers and users. Report and assure of the brilliance of your offerings.

Marketing: Your team of strategists. People who will help you create the charts and pathways for achieving greater sales targets. Making sure that your brand reaches to one and many.

Salesforce Integration:

Salesforce Integration is an entire cloud base set up, and this helps your employees to work on it from literally any smart device connected to the internet from anywhere. In order to realize and utilize the full potential of Salesforce, a company has to segregate, prioritize combine tasks and data strategically. This proper implementation of Salesforce will save great time and energy for enterprises.

Response Informatics’s secure and efficient cloud migration services are your best bet for simple and easy Salesforce Migration. We have helped and continue to support many organisations to realise their real potential and increase productivity using the might of Salesforce.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) as a Data Governing and Strategy Power House:

Our vision for a company’s growth is simple. Data never lies. But in order to leverage the most out of Salesforce CoE, you must be data savvy and entirely data-driven.

Consumer satisfaction, product/service quality and systematic and strategic marketing placement and sales enforcing using the true power of data are the key building points for any business.

Our CoE prioritizes and places Sales Cloud CRM of Salesforce at the centre of your business operations and thus it would be acting as a data portal and thus, would give you the absolute truth about data.

Penetration of Salesforce into your marketing automation systems could give you a clear picture of the inconsistencies and the gap for growth (can also be achieved through manual data placements but not recommended due to exhaustive processing and work)

The integration of Sales Cloud is perhaps the most flexible there is. It can connect to any system or process and work towards containing all of the consumer data that is crucial in the decision making processes. Work towards not just improving and streamlining the business processes and customer satisfaction, but this pure data would also help you jump forward in terms of product/service quality as well.

To be a clear winner, one needs to not just understand data transparency but incorporate the very idea. This basic idea is how some of the major corporations in the world are pacing faster on charts while many are still struggling to even inch on the growth charts.

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