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Blockchain Technology

Leverage the power of incorruptible data record network on the planet.
Transform and surge forward with highly specific and impacting blockchain technology solutions.

Emergence of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) 

With the increase of questionable security online, the need for record maintenance and trusted blocks of the network is on the rise. As a large corporation, you cannot bank on the third-party network infrastructure to keep track and store all the records and everything in between.

Blockchain solves all of these problems and some more with its unique and resident trusted network chains. As not every retail, service or product of different domain can face these issues on their own, Blockchain as a Service is on the rise.

Blockchain as a Service or BaaS, and all of its unique and effective complimenting technologies like the smart contracts, distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies help address and establish a standard protocol that is simply incorruptible.

At Response informatics, we address key issues that organizations face and provide with a variety of precise and result oriented services that would help companies gain the immense trust-based global partnerships.

Blockchain Services 

Data validation and consensus data verification form the basis of blockchain. Every transaction, deal and process done is stored simultaneously across various points in the form of blocks in a pre-established network of information.

It is impossible to corrupt or change data within a blockchain nor can you change the data once stored without the consensus of all the block points. Thus making it an incorruptible, highly trustworthy and permanent destination for record keeping.

At Response informatics, we

  1. Develop Crypto Solutions using various (legit) existing blockchains

These include Smart Contract Ecosystem Development through Ethereum, Ripple and other connect contract ecosystems

Development and Designing of Front End Cross Platform applications that address and resolve your blockchain problem statements
Validation of blockchain use cases
Maintenance, setup and integration of Interledgers connectivity of various different blockchain networks
Sandbox environment setup and management

Our understanding of various use cases of blockchain in the Cryptocurrencies, payments, BFSI, wallets, mobile currencies and identity establishment and provision make us a great asset to any organization which needs to bank on Blockchain.

Various Business Use cases with Blockchain

E-Commerce and Retail Management:

Get crystal clear picture on transaction-record management, track various transactions, manage inventory and get aid in automating strong supply chain management.

Real Estate

Flexible integration capabilities of Blockchain enable it to enhance and better the high ticket transactions that go around in Real-Estate etc., thus helping the government keep a strong record of publicly owned assets. Blockchain also has the capability of streamlining back-office processes and performances. Transparent ecosystems with Trusted transactions and thus accelerated growth.


Maintain clear and correct health records, streamline the supply chain and inventory management along with secure data storage and retrieval thus enabling faster processing of massive transactions. Let your workforce focus on saving lives while we help save and enhance you into a superpower.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Now be able to provide a crystal clear, transparent and secure way for your users to transact and store records that is absolutely tamper-proof and have 0 fraud chances or data alteration.

Business expansion with simplified processes

Incorporate ledger-based records which are cryptographically secured with block patterns on various different chain cloud platforms that are simply impossible to break down or fail. Thus you can securely bank on the world’s most advanced, safe network storage system that aids in enhanced growth of your business.

Why choose Response informatics:

As early adopters, we at Response informatics have perfected and have understood the way the world should look at blockchain than how it looks at right now.

Years of know-how and what now approaches have helped us become a great resource for businesses to approach for various different blockchain implementation, services and solutions.

With a diverse portfolio and an industrial presence of 12 years and counting, Response informatics is data and tech savvy. We believe in delivering impactful and sound solutions that resonate through the technology market spectrum.

Our value-added services do not just end with digital transformation and platform integration propositions of blockchain services but also aid in leveraging other forms of technology that would compliment blockchain.

Let us help you understand your data, analyze and make a story out of it and thus implement various or specific blockchain practices that would go forth and develop astounding and impactful solutions for your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Abundance and Ability to master science beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mind.

Cutting Edge AI and Machine Learning services for tech and data-driven businesses.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business Automation

In this fast-moving world, automation is one thing that every organization desires. Nearly half of the business processes performed by each organization can be fully automated.

Companies instead of focusing only on increasing efficiency and controlling costs, it is essential to engage with clients and also build new trade opportunities to expand the business.

Business Automation using Artificial Intelligence in many processes can help business organizations to stay competitive, continuously. Taking the fullest advantage of advancements in automation can create a big impact on a company’s position in the global market. A large number of organizations are applying business automation to survive the competition.

An increase in productive time can be noticed after using artificial intelligence in business automation through current technologies, as a result of decreased workloads. In the future, artificial intelligence will possess abilities like creativity, feeling, critical thinking, hence reaching human standards in further services.

Impact and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

Artificial intelligence is an application of data analytics which enables computers to think and understand like human brains. Artificial intelligence and business automation have penetrated so deep into organisations that these have become essential for a company’s growth. It acts as a catalyst for business groups to compete with bigger ranks. Also, in no time, 20 per cent of the processes in organizations will be automated.

Deciding on what are all the possible tasks that can be delivered with speed and accuracy by computers than humans is the very first step to implementing artificial intelligence. This is followed by gathering valid data from various sources related to the task to be performed. Then, a suitable data analytics method or a combination of them is applied to achieve desired results.

Additionally, machine learning may be deployed to train these results. Depending on the complexity of the process, supervised learning or unsupervised learning can be executed. Supervised learning takes inputs and desired outputs to model algorithms while unsupervised learning considers inputs alone to find patterns to model algorithms. Lastly, models are created to suit the product or service objective and hence satisfying customers with timely services and products.

Artificial Intelligence for businesses is clearly a threat to employment but it definitely opens a window to new opportunities. AI is growing in the healthcare sectors, marketing industries, social media, e-commerce sites. The demand for automation is increasing and it will continue to accelerate.

Cutting edge AI and Machine Learning Services

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence which allows computing devices to learn and beat their previous performances. It impersonates humanistic patterns to realise intelligent decisions. Specific tasks are performed without explicit programming, thanks to cutting edge tools of AIML. All of this is a result of the concept that machines will be able to carry out more of the tasks done by humans, complement the work that humans do, and even perform some tasks that go beyond what humans can do.

  • AIML can optimize physicians decisions by analysing patients medical history, diagnostic reports and symptoms to provide required medication. These explicit algorithms learn as data is processed, hence improve their performance in identifying any disease and prescribing the suitable medication.
  • Human emotions are usually processed through visual data and image processing techniques. However, recent discoveries have stepped up to detect feelings through fluctuations in a human heartbeat using cutting edge AI. Such applications can be of great help to detect a heart attack by collaborating AI with smart wireless communication.
  • Cybercrime is an accelerating threat to the digital world and Cybersecurity suites are empowered by the use of AIML programs. It gathers data from the repeated and serious issues caused by cybercrime in the history of computing. This data is analyzed and prepared to identify potential threats through AI based security programs.
  • Genetics is one emerging field that uses AI as a cutting edge tool to determine the evolutions of most species by examining their genome. Large chunks of data relating to chromosomes are analysed to track diseases that are hereditary. These patterned results can help in designing new medications and hence, help patients as quickly as possible.
  • Finance related sites are sometimes vulnerable to frauds like transfer of money to bogus accounts and transactions from anonymous locations. Deep learning, a tool of machine learning has been lately deployed by financial service providers to detect such frauds. It works on supervised algorithms to monitor transactions of users and find suspicious motions.
  • AIML can be used in battlefield to develop strategies in minimal time. Defence forces of many nations have deployed machine learning in landmine detection. Drones are used to gather data about the positions of enemies and analysis is made to determine large scale plans.
  • Business organizations use the cutting edge AI so as to enhance business operations like customer care executive team. Data is collected either through online feedback forms in the form of text or through phone calls in the form of voice inputs. This data is analyzed and processed with AI to respond to queries from customers. This application of AIML saves a lot of investment in one of the most important sectors of any business.
  • AI is used to adjust the difficulty level of any game according to the ability of the player. Information about how quickly the player is able to change his strategies for given gaming difficulties. AI has to lead to self-evaluating games to engage gamers continuously.
  • Some tumours that sometimes slip through oncological tests based on image processing turn out to be dangerous ones. It is very important that these are detected at early stages already. This is achieved by cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning(AIML) which can greatly enhance the accuracy of image detection for tumours.–

Why Response informatics:

When it comes to cutting edge technologies, you need to bank on an organization that is veteran yet fast paced and has the ability to chase and get the job done.

At Response informatics, we not only have the relevant experience in tackling challenging technologies but also have the grit to adapt to anything new. Thanks to our capable R&D, we are never behind in the one big race of technology revolution.

Internet of Things

Bringing Technology and People together one device at a time

Cross-Platform Communication through the penetrative power of the Internet of Things  (IoT)

Reinventing Business communications and growth with IoT:

Businesses around the globe are looking for greater efficiency and productivity by reinventing business communications using the Internet of Things(IoT) beyond connectivity. Many businesses, even after setting high bars in the global markets, strive to go further by improving product performance, understanding customers, coming up with innovative value-added services, increasing maintenance and fixing infrastructure.

A comprehensive analysis of customers’ requirements is necessary to deliver services that they are ready to pay extra for. No matter where you stand in the market, there are always new demands from customers. IoT provides advanced business models that help companies to achieve it. Innovative IoT models enhance business strategies, decreases time to market(TTM) and increases return on investments(ROI).

  • Businesses that are at the verge of expansion require product upgrades and a track of leading services provided. Managers clearly understand the operations flow by analysing data received from the sensors used in production systems, warehouses and feedback agencies. A large amount of data thus received also allows business analysts to have a deep insight into their productivity hence aid in improving performance. IoT helps companies productivity by opening a window to innovation and growth.
  • IoT is also paving new ways to understand the customers. IoT in collaboration with heatwave tool of artificial intelligence is used to determine the amount of time spent by customers at each section in real-time supermarkets. This gives a greater insight into customer styles and demands.
  • Businesses that want to open branches at new places make use of IoT to monitor the performances. It is not always possible for business officials to check on outputs coming from the new site. This way, IoT saves both times, which can be used to concentrate on other productive works and money which can help create new business opportunities. IoT data can also be shared across different branches of the organization to provide greater co-worker commitment.
  • Nearly 50 per cent of the world-class companies is utilizing IoT to its fullest potentials. IoT is being used to enhance customers’ experience. Businesses are concentrating on infrastructures that they provide. Be it broken escalators, or dirty washrooms, everything affects the view of customers. Hence, these problems are analyzed and addressed by the respective workforce on that floor as soon as possible, thanks to cutting edge IoT.
  • Enterprises also looking at the greater efficiency that IoT will deliver. There are several yet certain steps involved in each process in a given organization. It is made possible to start the initial steps of the next process while the final step of the current process is executed. This is possible with the pipelining feature of IoT. Such tools become super important when quicker yet accurate results are desired.
  • IoT enhances asset utilization by implementing sensors to track how well the equipment is being used by the workforce in industries. This will reduce difficulty in locating defects in assets and help maintain the tools and machinery.
  • Msg organizations use IoT services to implement sensors and video cameras on work floors. This ensures safety from any physical threat. Also, various teams in the workplace can actively coordinate with one another to resolve issues absolutely.
  • IoT enables companies to increase productivity by using feedback from customers. IoT uses AI and data analytics to get feedback. Also, this is achieved because IoT can be deployed to determine which products have been sold the most over periods of time and how many such products does each customer purchase.

The improved asset utilization, a window of new opportunities, enhanced efficiencies can control investments. However, IoT lacks interoperability, security to an extent and others. Perhaps, professional IoT service providers cove with defensive solutions for the problems thereby increasing the growth of a business.

Our Commitment:

We at Response Informatics believe in the revolutionising power of IoT and come up various updated services in distinct directions possible. We always consider that IoT is much deeper than just providing connectivity between devices. We always strive to see how our IoT capabilities affect communications between different departments of business organisations.

Thanks to our highly experienced IoT industrialists, who ensure to provide unique solutions as well as features to improve your business efficiency and productivity. They developed dedicated IoT applications for specific processes that have repetitive tasks to be performed.

Response Informatics provides innovative IoT solutions that empower smart industries, living and enterprises. We also make sure to maximise your efficiencies by most updated operations, logistics and services.

Solutions and Services that Response Informatics offers help you boost operational efficiency and also transform business models to the most advanced versions. We facilitate cutting edge tools of IoT services which include, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs, ROI Mapping, Business Case Preparation, Use Case Definition, Roadmap Creation, Domain-based Value Stream Mapping and many more. Our experience and expertise aid in better IoT services than most competition.

Robotic Process Automation

Now it takes 0 professionals to fix a light bulb.

World Class and Cost Effective Robotic Process Automation Solutions for Emerging Businesses

With businesses moving and growing faster than ever, companies cannot afford to waste tons of resources on repetitive and mundane tasks. They need for their employees and workforce to focus on rather pressing and important tasks at all times.

Robotic Process Automation enables you to delegate mundane tasks which take up a significant portion of your productive time into automated processes RPA is a significant and rapid change that is encroaching upon many industries. Approximately 60% of all types of jobs have a significant 30% potential for automation

It is quickly evolving, and implementing RPA into your industry could help you digitize some of the major processes that otherwise need a lot of human labour. Leveraging the power of machine intelligence and big data you can capitalize on engagement, manage social media and solve mobile technology issues, as well as cloud computing.

RPA processes are revolutionizing the way businesses perform. A process that needs 5 men can be automated using programs and tools thus can get it done by no men at all.

With RPA you can successfully bring forward efficiency and reduce any errors made in tedious work done manually by employees. By 2020, according to recent research from ISG Insights, more than two-thirds of business leaders from industries like Finance, Human Resource, and Contact Center have already set their milestones to implement RPA to their processes.

No surprise in that since RPA software ‘bots’ can be easily configured they can execute all of your major business processes in a cost-effective manner.  RPA is easy to configure and often inexpensive. In fact, it only requires a one-time installation.

By automating your business processes with RPA, you can achieve :

  1. Accuracy
  2. Consistency
  3. Audit Trail
  4. Productivity
  5. Flexibility
  6. Staff retention
  7. Reliability
  8. Right-shoring

5 Aspects that rule how enterprises face RPA.

1. Soiled Implementation:

During the initial installation phase, IT plays a significant role. If a business unit is configuring RPA without involving the IT Department, it a massive risk. The risk of crossing wires when it comes to IT architecture, infrastructure, and security is likely that business would face a corporate disaster. A simple solution to it is involving IT in the process pro-actively before making any investment.

2. Unclear Expectations:

It is vital for a company to have a clear understanding of the capabilities of RPA and thus set up clear expectations for the outcome. At a manager level, the expectation of stakeholders and including individual employee could face impact by RPA. With RPA, a company can not only take advantage of the new technology but also take complete advantage of the faster results. Moreover, it will help to free the worker from repetitive and tedious work.

3. Inconsistent Outcomes:

Similar to an organizational hierarchy that includes governing people and their respective processes, it is essential to build control for tracking the new automated environment.  This allows a company to measure and address the unintended consequences and to create work victories.

4. Disconnected Dots:

It is essential to consider an ideal structure for an RPA CoE(centre of excellence). Specify the roles, responsibilities, and skill sets, define the delivery methodology and articulate how the RPA CoE will interface with business units. In other words, taking time to take care of your RPA initiative will pay off many times over.

5. Technical Ambiguity:

A highly touted characteristic of RPA is its simple and straightforward installation. But, even so, at the technical stage, the IT might have to hunt for a few answers to satisfy technical and operating requirements for sound implementation.

Streamlining and Automating Regular Workflow with RPA

At this point, it is important to note that there is a plethora of RPA software on the market. There is a diverse choice and it is ever growing. So naturally, there are quite a number of companies which try to provide a variety of streamlined RPA software and service.

The objective here is to choose one RPA that solves most of your problem.  So that 20% of the efforts put in will yield 80% of the results. That can be achieved when

  • Your RPA can take care of various Business Case Issues
  • Development and integration of RPA should be easy and simple
  • Your RPA will only benefit you if you have clearly defined responsibilities
  • Becoming pro-active with maintenance will help you in the long term
  • Make sure to research your RPA to eliminate the risk of choosing a wrong RPA.
  • The building of a post-implementation Adoption

Some of the Technologies and tools that are involved in RPA:-

  1. Blue Prism
  2. UI Automation Tool
  3. OpenSpan Tool
  4. Automation Anywhere Tool
  5. C#
  6. DirectX9
  7. NUnit
  8. Dot Net 4.0
  9. Ace(IDE for V+)
  10. Robot Emulator
  11. UiPath

Why choose Response Informatics

Setting up RPA requires no special programming skills! There are even tons of free resources to help you out as you move forward on your RPA journey.  But none of these resources helps you leverage the best of RPA and use it for the forward growth of your company.

At Response Informatics we focus on creating customized and consumer-centric RPA solutions for businesses. Choose an optimized and straightforward way to do business. With improved services, saving in costs, time and resources RPA has enabled enterprises to improve up the productivity ladder. This aids in achieving operational excellence by successfully elimination repetitive manual task.

Response Informatics is offering leading support to numerous businesses worldwide while helping them to operate with utmost efficiency and controlling the cost by successfully implementing Robotics Process Automation.

Our service includes strategy, assessment, design, and complete on-time implementation. With our top-ranked experience automation engineers, we create cutting-edge solutions in excelling automation. With a proven ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA and excellent prove CoE framework, our pool of experience RPA professional is growing with every lifecycle phase. Discover the hidden potential of Robotic Process Automation with the best.

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