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Enterprise level Contract and Freelance Staffing Solutions

What is Contract Staffing:

Freelancers or Temporary Hires, Contract Staffing aids you in finding the perfect and reliable candidate for a temporary and on project basis gigs.

The corporate world is changing and with it has changed the perception of human capital and human resources. Efficiency is of the essence and deadlines pop up at any time. The ability to hire a freelancer or talent who works with you on per project basis is not uncharted territory for many companies.

Also, talent too has found that working at their own pace is a newfound new luxury. This increases their productivity and they could get more done for more people and businesses by this agile model.

Contract staffing is all about hiring highly qualified talent for a per project basis with minimal commitments. Either party can terminate the service if any of the pre-established agreements are broken or not adhered to.

Giants such as Google and Amazon have cut down their salary and employee expenditure by a significant per cent thanks to their inclusion of contractual workforce.

Why should you Get Contract Staff?

On a permanent basis, you would be hiring a full-time worker/professional who would, ideally, be spending the entirety of their career working for the profitable betterment of the company. But how often can you afford to hire a full-time employee and sometimes for the most small time of projects?

Contract staff or Freelance Talent gives you the ability to get the work done at economic pricing and often than not, it gets the job done easier. With a minimal commitment to either party, the focus would be on the quality of the work than on other issues such as the payout, severance, benefits, workstations among others.

If you are expanding into a new sector or a new process, hiring of new staff would be an exhaustive task. For companies that are more into diverse sectors of services, they may or may not be able to maintain a full roster of employees of different skillset, always. When the team is on the bench, the expenses of bearing this roster would be tremendous and exhaustive. Hence it is vital that companies as such should be looking at getting talent on a per requirement basis.

Also, Contract staff need not be freelancers per se. These can be full time working employees who would be adhering to your work culture and office norms so they can work side by side, in synergy with your workforce.

How does Contract Staffing Work?

Contract Staffing, unlike direct hire, gives you a certain risk-averse solution of talent acquisition. As all of the hired staff would be managed by the recruitment firm, the client firm would not be responsible for the managerial duties of the talent. You, as a client would be focussing on getting the job done than spending your resources in managing the overhead requirements of the hires.

Once you have understood that you are in the need of contract hire, you would be creating a draft idea of your ideal candidate. This includes the written picture of how you want this ideal candidate to be. What would be the experience, pay limit, work ethic, flexibility among other parameters is taken into consideration.

After this, the recruiter firm would be pooling in their talent database to find the relevant candidate(s) for the job. If in case of the candidature needs to be hired independently, a drive could also be conducted or the required talent would be found through various other sources.

When a profile comes in, a thorough background check is conducted and the candidate(s) is vetted. The vetting process includes all the screening that needs to be done in order to declare the candidate a fit for your company and your job description.

Now the pay along with the work duration (hours or weeks or up until the project completion) are discussed with the candidate by the recruiting company on behalf of the hiring company.

The best part about contract staffing is the fact that the entire payroll of the candidate would be managed by the recruiter. This means that the paycheque for the contract staff would be processed through the recruiter company.

Why Response informatics?

In the age of the internet, there are almost a thousand websites that promise to connect you to talented professionals who are willing to work on a contractual basis. But how many of them assure you of the quality of the work produced, the dexterity of the person/team and most importantly, the trust of the talent?

At Response informatics we believe in the fact that your company’s ideals and values are a direct reflection of your work culture and its contribution towards growth.

Our recruiters adhere to the very same and work to get only those candidates which, in a maximum number of angles, mirror these values.

Thanks to our incredibly vast database and great corporate penetration into the global job market, our search for the right candidate is almost instantaneous. Our resources get us the absolute cream of talent from various niches and domains ranging from arts, accounting to talent in cutting edge technologies, management, programming among other processes.

With over 12 Years of expertise in hiring candidates for over Y number of companies, it is a very safe bet to say that with Response informatics, your hiring solutions are handled with utmost delicacy and importance.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Embrace the Advent of Meritocracy

Contract Hires for Every Job. Big or Massive

What is Contract to Hire:

Contract to hire is a hybrid and improvised form of talent acquisition that focuses on bringing the hires and the hiring company to a common ground.

A great way for both the parties to test waters and settle on comfortable grounds than the traditional hire and fire mechanisms, Contract to Hire is becoming increasingly popular and often a go-to method for emerging global businesses.

This allows the prospect workforce to get a chance to work, gain the necessary insights and feel of working at the company before committing to any term of employment. All the same while, it also gives companies great flexibility on to test-work with talent and makes sure that they are able to adhere to the company’s work culture, ethics and ethos.

An increasingly flexible and much-adapted practice by businesses worldwide, there is an estimate that about 163 million (approximates to about 20 or 30% working population of the US and EU) have adopted the flexible mode of work and careers.

While a projected 85% of companies worldwide are planning to include more and more contractual workforce into their processes, a little above 30% have already begun with the same.

Why are companies moving towards contractual hires C2H?

Hiring is not an easy task. The ability to find the right talent for the right job has been a challenging task for the majority of fast-paced businesses.

Particularly in the production and service sectors, finding a stable candidate that suits your corporate ethos in the emerging economies such as India or even for paced economies such as the US or UK is daunting.

After an exhaustive hiring process, once the workflow has begun post-training, you start getting reports from the teams of inconsistencies and process hindrances. While there can be numerous factors that contribute to this, a common and usually the right reason is the fact that the hire is simply a pea unable to fit in the pod.

Contract Hire and Progressive Human Resource Optimization

While job security is something every professional look for, sticking around without initial tangible fruits is something that is hard for the human psyche to comprehend.

Contractual jobs give you as an employer to test the candidate on a real-time basis whereas they, as a working professional, get to prove their worth, align their working modes to that of the company thereby creating a perfect win-win situation.

Employees are happy with their testing and training periods whereas you get to save plenty of resources, money and efforts and negative investments in the training and incorporation processes.

In fact, this try before buy model of employment actually leads to more employee loyalty and retainership than the traditional hiring funnels

How does Contract to Hire work C2H? 

Often characterized by a contract, the terms, duration and the extent of work done by the talent and enforced by the employer are all dictated by the contract. During the period of the contract, all of the monetary compensation and financial transactions of the hire would be handled by the staffing and hiring firm.

One of the quick hiring process there is, prior to engaging in a contract to hire position, the client would approach the hiring firm with a detailed outline for the ideal candidate/candidates. Upon initial filtration through the existing profiles or through a separate and designated hiring process, the hiring company shortlists a list of potential candidates

The candidate evaluation, the contract periods, terms post-contract period and the monetary compensations during the trial period are all maintained with clear transparency with either party. Constant feedback and inputs with the hiring process are backbones of crystal clear communication and effective hiring.

Post the completion of the contract; if and when a company decides to make an employee permanent, the payroll would be taken and shifted from the staffing agency to that of the client’s payroll.

What Makes us the Best

12 years of veterans in providing the finest and the best staffing solutions to some of the top of the class businesses in the world, our hiring funnels, processes, speed and most importantly, our trust in bringing the best of the talent speaks for itself.

We focus on creating an ideal employee profile first. Figure out what makes this best employee and work towards fine-tuning our hiring and search parameters. Making sure that every step and every process of hiring resounds and adheres to your company’s ideals and ethos.

Every hire is handpicked and deployed to provide

Highest productivity and proactivity from day one
Enforce the company’s vision and mission in their everyday workflows
Top level market responsiveness
Timeframe and Budget compliant.

Thanks to our insights into the ever-changing yet understandably predictable job market, we have figured out the perfect way of funnelling down to a prospective hire that in itself makes us your best bet to get the right workforce that would help run your processes smoothly for you.

Direct Hire

Your Business Gets you to success, But it is your Workforce that personifies your brand. 

Direct Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Solutions That Give you an army, not mere employees

Finding The Right Talent For the Right Job

A study by Getapp Labs has found out that about 40% of global companies agree to the fact that there is a shortage of skilled candidates for specific job roles. Also, 17% of the same

companies also agree that hiring processes are the toughest recruitment hurdle they face.

While there are other factors such as the economic uncertainties, competition and performance measurement among the major challenges, one cannot ignore the 80-20 rule that pertains here.

For any business, finding the right person for a job is of the utmost importance.  While there are simple solutions such as the contract to hire and contract staffing solutions, these are more towards the base level functions which involve the smooth progress of the processes.

In order to hire a highly skilled and executive level officers for your company, you need to think out of the box. One needs to exercise high caution while screening through profiles. This high-level individual would soon be the face of your firm and help you maintain, uphold and promote growth through their service.

Furthermore, such professionals are expected to work with you in the longer run. But how do you go about hiring such professionals?

Typical headhunting firms follow a straight down narrow hiring funnel that is almost the very same that contractual hiring companies follow. But talent acquisition for higher ranks and executive positions should be bigger and they cannot afford to screen the individual the conventional way.

Do You Need a third party firm for direct hire?

In all technicality, direct hire refers to you as a company directly choosing an individual to vet and hire them for your company. You as a company would directly approach this professional, look for credentials and see if they suit your recruitment and then hand over an offer directly to them. That’s how it goes about.

But as we have seen that with more and more businesses entering the game of higher talent acquisition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled professionals. Also, focussing on talent acquisition could be an exhaustive task for service or product focussed companies which would rather focus their efforts and energies on business than on hiring.

One might also argue that given the inexperience of a company in hiring, they may take up decisions that may return to hurt their productivity and this is absolutely true.

Even in a direct hire process, a hiring company would help guide you through the selection process, vetting and funnelling down onto prospective and affirmative candidates that would prove to be the best there are.

How do we do it

Talent acquisition is a science that is being perfected every day every hour. One cannot directly display a single picture and hope that it solves all of the major hiring problems nor can it act as a definitive template for hiring.

But the following 8 are some of the majorly placed and working dots that connect you to a great workforce

Optimize your career site 

Your career portal is where you start with. It is the foremost place where a prospective candidate lands before they take the next step and this is also the tool that lets your hiring team bring in prospective hires. It does not have to be a revolutionizing platform that lets your users create projects or make the next big thing. It could be a simple web page that lets the prospect understand how it is to work with you, the non-monetary benefits, the culture and a place that encourages them to apply.

Write clear job descriptions

This is applicable not just for your career page but also for all of your hiring collaterals. The job description page would and should create a lasting impact on the prospect that makes them want to work with you. The copy should be concise, consistent and clear that would emphasize the cultural value, and the employee value proposition and not just the roles and responsibilities.

Create an Ideal User Profile

Important internal collateral, in order to hire the best, you cannot expect a hoard of resumes/profiles for you to choose. Instead, build an ideal profile and place it as a benchmark. Any profile that comes in can be vetted against this profile to get a closer percentage of similarity or resonance and thus would be helpful in declaring a candidate.

Recruitment Marketing tools

A recruitment marketing tool would take in your ideal user profile and promote it across a range of platforms that it deems fit of a place where your prospect may be available. Also termed as an alternative inbound recruiting, these methods aid in higher candidate relationship management and thus improve how a candidate feels about the company. No matter whether the candidate is hired or not, he/she would be leaving with a positive impact on your company and would further improve this image through referrals and other ways.

Implementation of Employee Referral Programs

Research by Getapp has concluded that referrals are the shortest forms of hiring and often lead to higher employee retention and guarantee a talented workforce.

While employees continually refer to good talent, this could be made into mainstream hiring funnel. Incorporation of referral programs that benefit not just the candidate but also the employee would be a tight hit. You would find your ideal candidate and thus it could help cut down a great deal of hiring costs and efforts

Incorporation of Applicant Tracking Systems:

Applicant tracking systems, as part of the Recruitment Marketing tools, would aid in tracking potential candidates and help further the process. Even upon rejection, you would be possessing a great deal of skilled data that you can engage with by sending invaluable and educational content that can empower your brand as an employer and thus further your referrals for greater talent.

Why Choose Response informatics

Recruitment and talent acquisition has been the core functionality and business for Response informatics for over more than a decade now. Since our inception, we have helped plenty of global businesses in finding the right talent for the right job.

Our recruiters are highly trained professionals who understand your industry and ethos requirements and begin formulating ways to get you the professionals that you deserve and need.

We get you people who get the job done and some more. It is as simple as that. Our matured hiring funnels and access to cream layers of talent has made us into a headhunting firm that companies can bank on.

Human Capital Management

Emerging Importance of Optimized Human Capital Planning  

Human capital is the value that any employee adds to his company with his meticulous knowledge and skilled experience in a particular field. Human capital optimization precisely consists of process optimization, change management and talent management. These factors are incredibly important to enhance the productivity and growth of the company with peculiar business processes.

The most important factor that dominates the rest is Talent Management. It gives rise to a few valid questions like – how

can you give the best corporate experience to your candidates? How can you hire the best employees for your organisation? How to hire talented employees that suits your requirements? Talent management is the key HR process that decides the future of your company.

Some of the common talent management practices that ensure value addition to a company are– 

Strong employer branding that attracts great candidates.
Offering a good candidate experience at the time of interview.
Spotting the deserving candidate and ensuring his selection.
Organizing referral programs that help to choose the right candidates during onboarding.
Retaining valuable employees with firmly designed retention strategies.
Tracking their performance and recognising them the best employees.

Talent management strategies may vary from one organization to another. You may customize them as per the needs of your company. But in the end, They ensure to build an effective workforce in a great work environment.

However, the various other strategies covered under Human Capital Management are performance management, organization visualization, competency management, time management, expense management and workforce planning. Determining the prospects of each strategy enables an organization to furnish its employees with specific competencies.

How to achieve the optimal human capital framework:

Successful companies ensure to acknowledge the incredible work done by their employees. They focus on developing the most effective strategies that help them recruit the best available candidates and motivate current employees to deliver their best work all the time. To achieve great employee satisfaction levels, it is vital to set forth clear human capital goals. Setting clear goals help your employees become aware of their current performance in the company and understand what is expected out of them for the betterment of their personal and professional grails. Such strategies make them feel attached to the company they work for and hence, enhance their overall work efficiency. Few practices like conducting realistic induction programs, retaining valuable employees and continuously developing the skills of existing employees help to maintain their work-life balance.

Besides, the wellness of an employee must be a salient feature for any company that has a greater workforce. Not only it ensures their loyalty towards their company and their work but also promotes their personal and organizational growth. The key steps that can help you serve your employees with great wellness programs are stated below –

Indulge your employees in engaging activities with guaranteed rewards.
Create an interactive platform on your intranet network wherein employees can share their thoughts, concerns and feedback with utmost privacy and ease.
Offer your employees flexible working hours in the need of the hour.
Add some zen element to the office. Host meditation and yoga classes for your employees that ease out their mental stress and improves their proficiency at work.

Another key element that enhances the optimization of the human capital framework is a competency score.

Competency Score: 

Provided that competition in any corporate organization is reaching new heights, talent mobility has become a significant factor in hiring and retaining the worthiest employees possible. Every employee must possess a few key competencies based on which their overall performance is examined.

Employers need to focus on the following aspects that decide the candidate’s entire competency score.

Leadership qualities
Team Work
Career motivation
Wise decision making
Communication skills
Awareness of commercial tasks
Problem-solving skills
Participating and contributing
Business ethics
Result driven work
Good organizational skills

These factors act as an important benchmark to assess an employee’s performance for a particular role.

Why Response informatics:

We, at Response informatics, firmly believe that any company is successful because of the great result driven performances by their valuable employees. They are the sole driving factor behind the growth of any organisation.

We take pride in encouraging our staff with various training programs and rewards & recognition events that help them perform better than earlier. Our strict work ethics and a team of highly skilled professionals ensure to hire the best and deserving candidates and motivating existing candidates in the most unique yet efficient manner.

Owning the throne for over 12 years of industrial experience, Response informatics provides the human capital management solutions that are sure to leave you spellbound. Our employees are our pride! Ensure you feel the same. Speak with our experts to know more about human capital planning.

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